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Swapping Pamela's Baking Mix For Flour In Favorite Recipes

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This has probably been asked . . .

My husband bought a TON of Pamela's Baking Mix on line and we can only eat so many pancakes (which is what I was using it for)

Can I use it in my favorite cookie recipes as a substitute for wheat flour? What adjustments will I need to make? I assume I'll need to reduce the baking powder or soda since it is contained in the mix. Will I also need to add Xanthan gum?

Hoping to be able to use my favorite chocolate chip recipe again (from America's Test Kitchen).

I know I could just use the recipe on the bag, but I'd love to re-create a family favorite.

Thanks -



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Any chance I can use this stuff in my new bread machine?

He really bought a lot . . .



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Definitely can be used in choc chip cookies. I think there is some help on the Pamela's website . . . or maybe it was on the back of the bag . . . anyway, to convert your old recipe, you will most likely want to reduce your fat ingredient (ie butter or shortening) and use 1/2 of what your recipe calls for or perhaps a little more. This is because of the oil/fat from the almond meal.

For cookies I would probably leave out the xanthum since the mix has it, but I would probably still use the baking powder/soda. When I convert my former recipes, I typically double the amount of leavening called for so for a first attempt, since the Pamela's has some, I would just use what the recipe calls for.

If your cookies spread too much, cut back on the fat/butter (or add more flour/mix). If they are too lumpy/crumbly add more fat/butter. Just do a couple of test cookies before you cook up the whole batch so you can adjust on the fly.

The muffin recipe that Pamela's has on the bag (also on the website)is decent. It's not the one I normally use because it produces a somewhat dense (althoughy still yummy) muffin. However, on vacation (we typically rent a house somewhere so I have kitchen facilities) I make these because it's easy to pack the Pamela's which will provide us with pancakes and muffins and what ever else.

Haven't tried it as a bread.

We did use to go through a TON of pancakes though because my daughter use to take peanut butter and nutella sandwiches to school for lunch but they were made on pancakes instead of bread.


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