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The Gurgles Are Back...:0(

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Wow what an experience the last month has been. Started getting what felt like a cold in late August and just dealt with it no biggie. Labor Day weekend, had the worst bloody nose ever (out in public of course for added drama) and when I saw my ENT doctor on Tuesday after they asked how long I'd been stuffed up.. just a couple weeks I said. Well I had a sinus infection and they gave me antibiotics.. Boom, 4 days into them I'm getting Celiac symptoms and Fibromyalgia symptoms (that I haven't had in a few years) so I stopped them after day 5. Whew thought I headed that one off at the pass.. Not so! Two weeks later I am scheduled for a colonoscopy and they give me two, yes two bottles of the 'stuff' to drink. The pharmacist was concerned but said 'good luck with that'.. So being the obedient patient that I am, I drink the two bottles of stuff (ackkk may I say) and went in the next afternoon for my test. That was a Friday. Ever since then I have had the most sickening diarrhea, stomach pain, abdominal cramps and low grade fever that comes back at night. Talked to nurses all week last week, called the manufacturer of said 'stuff' to be sure it was gluten free and it is but they said and I quote "NO ONE SHOULD DRINK TWO GALLONS OF THAT TYPE" So then I was terribly pissed and demanded to talk to the doctor and he finally called me back on Friday morning.. A combination of the antibiotics killing my stomach and then too much of the 'wrong' medicine (there are two kinds from the same manufacturer and they gave me the 'powerwash' kind) has destroyed my GI track... yay after 11 months gluten free and so much progress the GI doctor's office put me back to square one! Grrr so now I'm taking probiotics and eating yogurt and progressing back to my high fiber diet. Why am I telling you all this? So that you all can BEWARE of prescription drugs ESPECIALLY if they are generic. Have your pharmacist double or triple check if need be because this just isn't right. So yes the gurgle is back!! Sigh


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    • I haven't seen my gastroenterologist for a few years.  I was diagnosed celiac and have been gluten free for more than 5 years.  I've been having trouble again for the past 6 months or so.  I've done a full elimination diet and have come up with the culprit - eggs!   I did a search of the forum here and have found it's not uncommon for people with celiac to develop a sensitivity to eggs.     I can forego eating eating eggs but It's getting to be flu season.  I was planning on getting my flu shot today, as usual, at work.  The pre-shot questionnaire asks if I have an allergy to eggs.  As, I have never been tested, I don't know if this is really an "allergy".   I asked the nurse about it.  She said that if I do have an allergy to eggs,  it could be dangerous to get the vaccine.   So, I didn't ended up not getting the vaccine.  Anyone else in this boat.   Has anyone actually been tested for egg allergy?   Any advice as it pertains to the flu vaccine?  
    • Thanks for replying. You've been very helpful and given me some ideas of trying a few foods in small amounts. I wish I had rotated food months ago then it might not have got so bad. Thanks again and I wish you well.
    • Until my recent blood test results I've been having cinnamon and mint tea in the mornings, which seemed to have a positive effect calming the digestive system (and tastes good too!)  After the first step of diagnosis with high Iga TTg I took at look at the cinnamon sticks I make the tea with and it says "packed in a factory that may contain wheat, corn etc. etc." so that I guess would sound alarm bells for many I reckon. That said I'd imagine the way most of these herbs and spices are harvested isn't exactly gluten-free friendly yet I've seen quite a few recipes using it. How are people getting around this as I can't see any specific gluten-free certified cinnamon products out there? Really could do with my tea back P.S. I also have chamomile tea using the raw flowers which may have a similar background but seem to be less of a risk somehow?
    • If I do have to go back on gluten for a bit it'll at least be a temporary relief from the withdrawal symptoms (or at least what I hope are just withdrawal symptoms). Today's returning malady is acid reflux, something I'd thought I'd seen the back of recently. Really need that to calm down as PPIs the doctor gave before were evil medication and caused 10x more problems, possibly the worst I've ever felt whilst on those so won't be going back there! Although the scales seem to have stabilised in terms of weight loss in myself I feel like I'm wasting away at present, what with the random pulling sensations in muscles and tender head area I'm just scared for what other illnesses may be laying in wait related to the celiac genes  Think I'll head back for the ESR and CRP blood tests next week as the shoulder and temple pains are really worrying me right now, could just be the gluten intolerance but the other options are terrifying if not caught early. So much uncertainty, apart from the fact that none of this ever gets fully better (if at all)...
    • You're welcome! Good luck! And if you get nowhere there, remember, the higher you go, the nicer they get. Skip straight up to the top brass.
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