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This Advice Helped

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I was really having a rough time trying to get ready to send off to Enterolab and I went back and re-read the info my dietician had given me. This part really helped.

"If you have persistent diarrhea, it will be necessary to follow a very strict diet, eliminating all milk and milk products prepared without Lactaid; fatty foods; and high-residue foods, such as raw fruits and vegatables, nuts and seeds. Cocoa, chocolate, citrus juice, cold or carbonated drinks, and alcohol need also to be excluded temporarily. Lean meats, skinned chicken and turkey, and fish will be your main sources of protein."

High residue foods equates for me to just about any fiber at all - two sources of fiber at one meal can be a problem, sauted green peppers are bad, laso dried skinned fruits.

Fatty foods - means well cooked bacon or 50% reduced fat sausage in AM does not work for me, UTZ Cheese Curls between meals is bad, dinner sausage is bad.

Chocolate chip cookies with no fiber really set me back.

gluten-free yogurt seemed to bother yesterday.

Minimizing anything sweet seems to help, and juices are out.

So whats good?

Bananas are backI've missed them so much and they do not bother.

Smucker's jellies and preserves are gluten-free, and since a tablespoon has 12g sugar, I probably only get 6g on a slice of toast which does not bother - and lots of flavors.

Mandarin oranges and crushed pineapple are low in fiber.

Successfully made a loaf of edible bread (previously - 2 abject failures, 1 flop, and one pathetic cake, I can do cookies).

This really has helped me, makes life more predictable/enjoyable.


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I was really having a rough time trying to get ready to send off to Enterolab

Hi VAGuy,

What are you waiting for? :huh: You can do the tests on any diet you are on. If you have diarrhea, it does not matter. They are testing the levels of antibodies in your stool and the amount of fat that would indicate malabsorbtion. You do not have to be gluten-free or dairy-free. You do not have to wait until the diarrhea subsides, or anything like that. If you are gluten-free, that is okay too. If you are on a reduced gluten diet, that is okay. Anything works. I hope you send them off soon.

If you are also doing the gene test, it does not matter what you are eating for that one.

God bless,



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    • I think the idea of grinding your own at home stems from the thought that flavored coffees might be ground on the same machines.  The grinders in the grocery are not cleaned between uses.  However, I have not found a flavored coffee bean that had gluten, so it's probably not a real concern.  For coffee that comes from a factory ground, I wouldn't worry at all.   Machines would be cleaned between flavors and nothing but coffee could be made on the machines or even in the same building ( everything made would taste/ smell like coffee). if you still have doubts - I went to the International Celiac Disease Symposium a few years back.  This is held every few years in different countries for medical professionals that study and treat Celiac.  They present research, etc.  All food served was gluten-free.  We drank a lot of plain, already ground, coffee!  A lot!   Coffee is not on any lists as a gluten containing food.  Talking legitimate organizations - not some blogger or pseudo- science website.   After all this, if you still doubt that coffee is gluten free...... Then don't drink it!  It leaves more for me!    
    • To answer some of your questions.... Non celiac gluten sensitivity does not cause any damage to the small intestine so that is not the source of the "little holes or bumps".  You need to get her records including the report of the endoscopy to see exactly what it says as well as the pathology report of the biopsies. You should always get medical records anyway & keep a copy for yourself. How many biopsies did he take? There should be a minimum of 4, ideally 6. The small intestine is very vast even in a small child. An adults is the size of a tennis court! That's a whole lot of territory so biopsies can miss damage especially when enough of them are not taken! She has 2 positives on the serum panel. This crap about "weak" positives should be thrown out of the nomenclature! A positive is a positive, weak or not! Her DgP IGG is way over the range and extremely telling. As far as my knowledge goes, there is nothing else that causes a positive DgP IGG other than celiac disease. False positives are really rare and to have 2 false positives would be astronomically rare! You are right & smart that she really does need an official diagnosis! IMHO, keep her on gluten for right now. Get a second opinion pronto & I believe you'll be able to get her a dx based on the 4 out of 5 rule if nothing else. I wouldn't think it's going to take more than a month to get to see another doc for a second opinion. Then you can take her off gluten. Kids heal up really fast, way faster than us old geezers! I'm sure as others  wake up & get on their computers they will be along to voice their knowledge. I am in the eastern time zone & rise before the birds so I was on here early. Hang in there mom! You're doing the right thing!
    • Now that my initial rage has calmed a tad.... your daughter has to fulfill 4 out of 5 of the diagnostic criteria. Second opinion can do a gene test. If positive, then she will have4 out of 5 of the dx criteria to dx without a positive biopsy. See: which says in part: The presence of signs and symptoms compatible with celiac disease. Positive serology screening (high serum levels of anti-TTG and/or EMA). Presence of the predisposing genes HLA-DQ2 and/or –DQ8. Histological evidence of auto-insult of jejunal mucosa typical of celiac disease. Resolution of the symptoms and normalization of serology test following the implementation of a gluten-free diet.   Also see: She can get a dx after her symptoms resolve on a gluten-free diet!
    • OMG!!!! The doc wants her to get sicker & sicker & do further damage so he can diagnose her? Don't do me any favors doc!!! I'm so spitting med right now I can't even speak! Find a new doc, take the records & get a second opinion. Maybe the next doc will have a freaking brain & dx your daughter. She should be dx'd! This is absurd in the extreme. The very least that should happen is the doc give her a dx now & then in a year or 2 have her do a gluten challenge & do a biopsy all over again but seriously, that would be just as cruel as what he's doing now. He's an ASS!
    • Celiac disease may lead to a host of other inflammatory, gluten-related ... Fortunately, Diet Doc offers gluten-free diet plans which are customized to ... View the full article
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