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I always thought I was a little weird :)

We haven't done any genetic marker testing on anyone else. I'm not really sure it would be worth it. I only did it because the GI doc said no to Celiac and he wanted it to rule it out further. I guess in his mind it gave him one more reason to say no. Thanks for adding the links, but they were greek to me! My husband was diagnosed as Celiac as a toddler, but until it was mentioned for me, we didn't know you don't outgrow it. His tests came back negative, but he is gluten free with me.

Private message skylark with a link to your results. Ask her to look at them.

So, your daughter was dx'ed by bloodwork/biopsy - and she probably has her Dad's genes in the mix (if they ever look).

Many ai diseases have a positive reaction to gluten-free, along with celiac disease. I don't think the particular Celiac test you were + on has reasons for false + (it's ver specific). but, keep googling about that test and you may find it. Or, you can be Celiac. The genes they look for are the most common in the west - not the world - and Celiac research in other populations are showing different gene involvements. Plus, the gene itself isn't the deciding factor since not all people with the genes have celiac disease - something activates them - and they don't know what it is or how to test for it.

Good news - gluten-free helps you. So by all means keep doing it. And if your hematologist dx'ed you celiac don't fight it (especially since the diet helps) unless other issues keep popping up. And then, it may be "in addition to" issues re: Celiac.


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