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Please Help Me Understand A Test Result

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Hi Everyone,

I have gotten part of my results for a blood test I had my doctor run and I am totally confused... The woman who is my doctor's assistant right now is not very helpful in explaining what the results mean..

She gave me the result of my Immunoglobulin A resut and said it was 78 and normal is between 82-453. I asked her what that means and she said "well thats because you took gluten out of your diet"... ?? Which I know I got tested while having gluten out of my diet for about 6 days, I knew the result maybe wouldn't show the correct results but I just wanted to try anyways because I felt so good keeping gluten out of my diet I didn't want to reintroduce and and feel crappy again..

Does that mean the result is abnormal because it was not in the "normal" range??

Also my Transglutaminase IgA Abs was 2 and she said normail is if it is under 20.

Can someone help me understand? Thanks so much!


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The first test is run to check if you are a producer of normal quantities of IgA antibodies, which everybody produces. Your test is abnormal, in that you do not produce enough antibodies (only 78, when the normal range is between 82 and 453. This test has nothing directly to do with celiac disease. It does, however, mean that any test for celiac using an IgA measurement is invalid because you don't produce enough of it. The normal procedure is then to run the tests using IgG (and the total serum IgG should also be checked because some people don't make enough of that either).

Wait for your other results to see what other tests were run, and then you will probably have to have a do over - but they may have done the DGP IgG which would be helpful. :)


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The only other tests I am waiting on are the HLA-DQ2 & HLA-DQ8 so I doubt they ran a DGP IgG.. I had them run those 2 genes because I thought that if it shows up that I don't have them then it would be unlikely that I have celiac disease (is what I was thinking). Right? Then I would think I may be leaning more in the direction that I have an intolerance to gluten rather than the celiac disease.


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DQ2 and DQ8 are the most common genes associated with celiac, but are not exclusive, so no, you can't rule out celiac if you don't have either although it makes it less likely.

The celiac tests you have not had (and need) are the following:

  • AGA-IgG
  • tTG (anti-tissue transglutaminase)-IgG
  • EMA (anti-endomysial antibodies)-IgG
  • DGP (deamidated gliadin peptide)-IgG


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    • Going private no problem with getting the tests now, adds financial pain to the physical pain but better than 6 month waiting list on the national health service. Just feels like a lot of pain and aggravation to tell me what I already know deep down. Feels like my whole future has been taken away with this and I have a feeling I haven't even seen the half of it yet. Doctor seems to be very relaxed on the concept of needing to worry about cross reactivity, gluten paranoia when eating out etc. yet it seems to be the case for most on there that that's exactly how it is for so many people. Someone tell me I'm wrong... or is that really what life becomes in the cold harsh reality of things?
    • It took me years to be diagnosed.  I've been misdiagnosed with several different things and knew that there was more to it.  I requested to have an egd to test for Celiac's two years ago, my doctor never called me back so I went low gluten from then on.  I still felt like hell because I didn't realize that "everything" has gluten in it....  My daughter became ill back in March.  I went to several different doctors trying to figure out what was causing her to be ill.  Our family doctor said she had gallstones, wanted to immediately do surgery on her.  I refused since she didn't fit the typical signs of a child with gallstones.  I requested a pediatric surgeon and then a pediatric gi dr.  The surgeon was smart enough to say maybe ask the gi dr to test for celiac disease....  Then it clicked.  I was so angry and mad at myself and my dr for not listening to my body for the past several years. Her blood test was negative, but the biopsy was positive.  She went on the gluten free diet.  I then said I wanted to be formally tested.  Blood test was negative, biopsy was positive and they ran the genetic screening.  I am a DQ2 homozygous, cat 8.  My doctor apologized to me over and over.   I have two sons that were tested for their genes, one is a cat 4 and one is a cat 2.  If they start showing signs of the disease they will be tested by way of egd.  Their pediatric gi said that I probably would've died by 40 if I was left undiagnosed.   So in saying all of that, fight for your test.  Listen to your body, but don't stop living.  Use this as a teaching tool.  Help others that don't understand the disease.  It'll be tough but you can do it...
    • Hi, thanks... Yes, I was diagnosed with glucose intolerance by an endocrinologist. That's when I started cutting back on sugar. Other than some deficits (chromium, testosterone, D + B-12) they found nothing. Except that I also have mild ostopenia, and I often get kidney stones which is strange but they told me not to worry about it and to get more exercise etc. Which is exactly what I've been doing. I can tell you, banning gluten and sugar from my diet is the best thing I've ever done in terms of diet. The pounds came right off. But don't worry, I'm not a walking skeleton yet, lol. Fortunately the weight loss is a result of my diet, I had problems losing weight before the diet and even when exercising. But it all makes sense now. I easily store carbs as fat and have a hard time losing them. I still have the intolerances though... I had a high white blood cell count but they thought nothing of it. It all points to inflammation in my gut somewhere. But hey they're the doctors if they tell me not to worry about it I'll just have to try and figure it out on my own I guess. Meanwhile I'm really happy to see the belly blubber disappear.  Cheers
    • Also, I know that the DQ2 is the most common one representing celiac disease.   I have low IgA-35 and my DGP Igg - 34.8 (medium to strong positive is greater than 30) All the IgA labs were within range. I have Hashimoto's as well. My vitamin D level is 23. I guess I'm wondering how likely it is that I have celiac disease.  The genes I have are not the worst ones to have, I believe, and while my DGP Igg is high it's not crazy high.  I'm still awaiting a call back from the GI as the PA told me to go gluten free for two weeks and then reintroduce it (this was last week while the GI was out of the office).  I guess I'm wondering what the point of that really is... Thanks again everyone for your help and advice as I navigate this...
    • Do you have any diagnosis from a doctor?  Weight loss like you are describing could signal a serious issue that you shouldn't be messing around with.
      You shouldn't be cutting out all of those foods without going to a doctor to figure out what is going on.
      A doctor would be doing testing to make sure nothing serious is going on.
      I'm the first person to say I haven't found a good doctor and I'm suffering with serious pain and issues because of that so I am altering my diet, but I'm following up with the doctor.  So if you haven't schedule an appointment with a GI doctor or some doctor.
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