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Who Examins Biopsy Slides?

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So at the end of November I finally get to take my 4yo down to UCSD to see a pediatric celiac specialist. His local GI doesn't really get the disease and I had her do an endoscopy and biopsies reluctantly because I knew she was convinced he had no celiac. But I would have had to keep my son on gluten, having constant diarrhea, exhausted for three months to just see the celiac specialist, much less get in for the endo, so I decided to have local GI do it and to have someone else review the slides. I wasn't terribly surprised to have her tell me the biopsy showed no signs of celiac, except a "few scattered intraepithelial T-lymphocytes".

The hospital called that I can pick the slides up. Do you think the doctor will review them at the appointment or does another pathologist at her hospital do it? If so, should I bring them down the week before? Just want the doctor to have the most information possible to address my son's needs. Basically, he has classic celiac symptoms (diarrhea, short stature, low appetite, fatigue, motor problems, anemia, weakened and stained teeth) and I have celiac and he had a strong positive DGP IGA test, same gene as I have. I think he has it and he's gluten free but I also want his doctor to have the most information possible.


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The slides should be reviewed by the hospital pathologist who is used to interpreting these things. The doctor will probably be interested in them but you need a specialist interpretation. Your GI was reading from the pathology report when she started talking about "scattered intraepithelial T-lymphocytes" I would call the San Diego doctor you are going to see and ask for her recommendation on how to handle the slides. Perhaps the one hospital can forward to the other and you needn't get involved.


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    • So, now they have found a metal toxicity in my body along with needing to be gluten free.  For the toxicity, I am now taking supplements after and between meals.  This a good thing because it prompts me to actually eat 3 meals a day and in a timely manner and not just a grab on the go item whenever.  The down side is remembering to take the silly things.  I can honestly say how much a pain it is to remember to take the supplements sometimes.  Been on this regimen for about a week now, and I am starting to feel better and all my systems are getting thoroughly cleaned out.  The real test will be in about 3 weeks or so, as it is about this time I become more vulnerable to the neurological symptoms.  I actually did some research on metal toxicity and found something incredible.  The symptoms I had been having all fall under this problem.  This could also have been yet another contributing factor of why I needed to go gluten free. Just a thought.  One thing I did consistently find is that once the toxicity is taken care of, this would not take away any food allergies or gluten issues.  I had gone through a different detox program back in February-March, and the neurological symptoms I have been dealing with was magnified x10 it seemed.  Another praise in this regimen is that I have been virtually symptom free since taking these supplements.  A few episodes but very minor.   
    • I have not taken him to a dermatologist. I have dapsone, which I put on the rash, it always clears up. I have it for another family member. But then I started reading about celiac and all these dots are out there but not connected.  The next time he has the bumps, I am going to take him in. In the mean time, I am trying to find a dermatologist who understands the condition. I don't want my kid to have celiac. And I kinda feel crazy for thinking he may have a gluten issue but with it in my family and him having these other things, I want to be dilligent.   i will read up on the test you suggested. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond everyone.   
    • I tested positive to deamidated gliadin in August at a hospital. My old GI tested me using gliadin (the test listed on your result) in September and it was negative. Literally the next day, my new GI tested for deamidated gliadin again and it was positive (I was unaware the hospital scheduled an appointment with the new GI for follow up).  If you still suspect it, Google deamidated gliadin, print out the Mayo clinic lab info and circle the part where it says they have discontinued the use of gliadin in favor of the deamidated gliadin.  Has he seen a dermatologist?
    • He has a rash on his fingers from time to time. Angular Chetelis. Mouth sores. So skinny. Anxious. 
    • The blood test results are negative (and he had the complete panel).  No GI issues (per your posting).  What makes you suspect celiac disease?  
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