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Tooth Question

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Posted 18 January 2013 - 06:36 PM

My 9 yr old did not test for celiac on the bood test. However he has frequent stomach aches, unexplained and has unusual accid wear on his teeth. The dentist does no know much about celiac. I have celiac. But the dentis said that my son shows accid pooling in his sleep on his teeth. What do you all think? Could my son have celiac and not have it show up on the test? His stomach aches and accid tooth issues make me wonder. We saw 2 Dr.s after, the primary and and ear nose throat Dr. No one thought of celiac as an issue. What do you think? Dentis thought milk was a problem, but other 2 Dr.s said milk is fine for him. We eat gluten-free for dinner. But he does eat gluten for breakfast and lunch. The tooth thing has me wondering.
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Posted 18 January 2013 - 08:40 PM

Tooth enamel defects is definitely an issue for Celiacs...but even our Ivy League trained pediatric dentist can't find research linking the two for kids.

We have two girls who had cavities between all of their molars at 4 yrs old. Yep, 8 cavities each. They were diagnosed with Celiac at 5.5 years. Now at 6.25 years (almost a year gluten free) the girls' teeth are actually recalcifying (we did xrays this week).

The belly aches are really what will help you get attention paid to Celiac. Also, one of my daughters BARELY had a positive TTG. Plus, I have never had a positive TTG/bloodwork (I had a positive biopsy). I had too many food aversions to have enough gluten to trigger the TTG...but the gluten I had was doing damage...

Find a REALLY good pediatric GI. If you let me know which major metropolitan area you're close to, I'll try to get a good referral from our GI (Dr. Michelle Pietzak at Children's Hospital Los Angeles). Also in LA, Dr. Brynie Collins is excellent.
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Posted 18 January 2013 - 08:54 PM

I just looked this up for someone yesterday . . .

there is information out there about dental issues linked to celiac disease. Here are a few links that i found by googling "celiac+dental disease"




http://www.jcda.ca/article/b39 (the Canadian Dental Association published this one)
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Childhood: canker sores, zillions of cavities, and multiple dental enamel defects (not decay). Acne began at age 9, became cystic acne at 15ish, was bad til early 20's, occasional break-outs now only if i eat certain foods.
1968 - allergic to bacon (arm rashes) & orange juice; sensitive to soy
1970s - lots of digestive problems, allergy to citrus, citric acid, cinnamon, lactose intolerant, rosacea from foods
1980s - allergic to oregano, basil, thyme, pork, strawberries, paprika, smokehouse-type seasonings, peppers
1990s - discovered digestive enzymes (YAY!) and my stomach issues resolved by 90%
2012 - diagnosed with celiac via blood tests (tTG) and genes (HLA DQA1*0201: DQB1*0202)
After learning about celiac, it is obvious my mom had it (ulcerative colitis), my brother has it, and my 3 young adult children have it (2 have digestive problems + anxiety; one has DH). we all went gluten-free november 2012.

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