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Struggle, Struggle, Struggle!



I was diagnosed with Celiac's disease in 2004 but have yet to go completely gluten free. I try and try but get so dang frustrated. I try to bake bread but seem to mess it up. If I get it right then it goes bad quickly. I have no patience for preparing "everything" that I eat and no will power. Living in Alaska makes it a bit incovenient to buy gluten-free products without paying an arm and leg for shipping. So...I give up. I tell myself that I've been eating this way for 42 years and have been miserable for just about that long that why does it matter if I'm gluten free? It's an everyday struggle with myself.



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Hi Debnak, I am new to this forum and found out a couple of weeks ago I most likely have celiacs. I go for my endo on base around the end of January. I am still eating some gluten but am feeling much better than I was before already.

I know what you mean about paying an arm and leg for stuff. Amazon doesn't even seem to ship here for their gluten free stuff (but they shipped me a breadmaker for free, go figure!). Natural pantry is pricey too. I have found a few things on the base at the commissary and they are cheaper, but they don't have a huge selection. (Oh, I live in Eagle River, btw)

It's nice to see a fellow Alaskan here. Sorry I don't have any advice about staying gluten free.

Amy in Alaska
Just wanted to add i saw in your profile your birthday is March 2. Same day as my daughter, she will be 11. : )

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Feel your pain....I was diagnosed in July 2010 confirmed with biopsy in Oct. I've been trying the gluten-free diet seriously since Jan 01 11. Doubt I will ever really be "gluten free" Although I live in an area where gluten free products are more available and it is a trendy diet, I find the whole gluten free thing completely frustrating and a total inconvenience and pain in the butt. BTW I was also told I was allergic to corn, wheat, soy, nuts, and strawberries. What the heck is there left that tastes good!

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Don't give up!

I agree, gluten-free can be really expensive, but there are ways to make it work....
I make a lot of recipes from scratch & have been experimenting for over 10 years.

My blog is http://bestofthislife.blogspot.com/

Even if you live off of quinoa pasta and quinoa alone, the variations to meal making are infinite
& ' Ancient Grains' - the brand, is really affordable when you order online...like $2.10 a box of pasta...
and tasty breakfast scones, made with millet flour will keep & freeze for easy thaw...there are options & hope!

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