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Almost Lab Draw Day-Gluten Challenge



Well only a couple more days until I can get my labs drawn. I go on Saturday morning and cannot wait. I am eager to hear the results and hopefully get to go off this poison in early November for good! I am dreading that I may have to go for an endoscopy and have to stay on gluten even longer though.

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I was only off gluten for maybe 2 months before my challenge but the drastic difference I felt taught me that no matter what I do not need gluten in my life no matter what the tests say!


Since going back on it this past month I have:

  • Felt Exhausted beyond belief, yawn all day long at work despite going to bed by 10 and waking around 6 and taking naps on the weekends
  • Feel like I am working through a cloud induced by drinking bottles of nyquil or being on sleeping pills
  • Bathroom trips have once again become 20 to 30 minute adventures where close to a half of roll of toilet paper is used :/
  • My knee has been bothering me again, achy arthritis type pain
  • zit like spots around nape of neck and in hair by ears and such (never knew this could be a symptom until reading on here! This is something I have encountered on and off for as long as I can remember)
  • small cysts in armpit (again didn't know this could be related but I have also gotten nasty cyst like sores on bum area and even in groin during pregnancy)
  • allergies (I am a seasonal allergy sufferer so not sure if this is related or just how I am)
  • stomach is noisy even after I just had a couple pieces of toast for breakfast
  • HUNGER I can eat all the time
  • weight has gone up, feel bloated and swollen and overall puffy
  • headaches have increased
  • anxiety was through the roof and got put on meds for anxiety first time in my life

I will admit I have definitely had over my 2 slices of bread a day to get my gluten in so a lot of this could be my overdoing it, but that seems to be what having more gluten does to me: makes me brain crave more of it! I am not even finding satisfaction in much of it as I know how crappy it is making me feel. Ok I admit I did enjoy all the crab meat rangoons at the Chinese buffet yesterday but other stuff is just blah and I am eating just to eat at this point. I cannot wait to detox!


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Got blood drawn Saturday, followed it up with a super gluten lunch at Red Robin and then Sunday took over a 4 hour nap! Hate the tiredness! Lab said all results should be to my doctor by Wednesday.....fingers crossed I get some answers.

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