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Possible Lymphoma Cancer Again...

Celiac Ninja


Well well well....

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Not surprised. Nor scared. I may have cancer again. :P




I'm allergic to pain killers: no surgery for me. Thank GOD!
I'm not interested at all in chemo or radiation again. Been there done that. They will want to bone marrow transplant, I will not tolerate pain killers nor that transplant without painkillers. lol


I am however FAR more aware of what to research, how much to supplement, how little and signs to look out for.
I DO have a Naturopathic Doctor licensed and NOT a quake to monitor what I choose to do nutrition wise.




Cancer shall meet it's worst enemy..... ME! BWAHAHAHHAHA


Any-who, cancer is literally our own healthy cells becoming malignant (going astray/doing something they aren't programed to do by DNA). SO really we should care for our unhealthy cells. Treat them with the herbs, vitamins and minerals that are put here on the face of this earth in their best form by God Himself. I believe I will live as long as the good Messiah allows me to and I will be with Him when He wants me to. I'll just be more educated of the remedies available and be more responsible for the temple (my body) that He has given me.
I should have never SLACKED on my immune supports when first diagnosed with Celiac. That was the stupidest mistake, I was worried about the money>which is now being spent ANYWAY.




Time to get back up in the saddle!


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Hi Ninja,

How ya doing today? I am new to this celiacs, but I am not new to cancer, chemo, and transplants. Lost my hubby 5 yrs ago.

I too am not afraid of death; death will be a blessing when it comes. Although I am not a religious person, I sure get what you are saying on many levels. Have you found folks that are shocked by your attitude?

I too have been spending down my retirement. I figure, IF I get better from the CD, I will be able to return to work, if I don't, I am spending it on a worthy cause. ME! Guess that is what I worked for all my life. Errrg, don't get me started.

Although angry, I have to trust that the universe/god, whatever is out there, will take care of me.

Two months GF; I accidentally got glutened last night, forgot to read a label. Soon as I swallowed, I said a word you are not to use anywhere, except in a bar maybe. But it was too late, and of course it was not GF. This is such a hard way to live. Besides gluten, as many know, it is oats, sugar, onions, garlic, diary, vanegar, . . . if it is nummy, I likely can't eat it.

I am so freaking hungry! I eat all day the gf way and i hate it! And am up many times a night to eat, but I am very much under weight. I do not have the strength. My husband had me as an advocate, but i have no one. I am too sick to visit friends, I am too sick to go to the store, I am too . . . it just never ends. There comes a time when all good things must end (sarcasm). I am ready. However, I will miss my dog, she is the reason I keep fighting to live.

Be as well as you can,


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