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UC update



So for the past 3 weeks I have been on a carnivore keto diet for the UC flare. Started off with just eggs and canned tuna but I have been adding other meats and happy I can eat many without issues I used to not. Salmon, Pot Roast, Chicken Salad, Steak, Turkey Bacon, Turkey Sausage (mild), Beef stew (only the beef in it), Tuna Salad, etc. But with this I have hardly any gas and no bloat/gas pains. I am happy enjoying meats again without issues and am glad about this little issue. (could not eat meats in large amounts for years due to them not digesting in my stomach) Seems my stomach has stronger digestion now.
Few odd things, sweeteners seem to be very different with this new diet. Stevia I still use in my aloe vera to make it palatable and drink it hot, but I can not add or have anything with sucralose or monk fruit...they make stuff too sweet now like nauseating so. I have set aside and tasted a cookie or my flavored almond butter to make sure they are good. And well I find them to be very sweet now...way sweeter then normal and they use erythritol and stevia for sweeteners.

My pain feels more like my large intestines is bruised, the bleeding is intermittent and not as bad as long as  I keep taking Vitamin K supplements twice a day it does not happen to bad. I find I am sleeping a full 8 hours a day also, and the D is still happening several times a day and it is mostly mucus.
I did catch a cold I assume on Sat. But I spent Sunday with fever, coughing, sniffles, sneezing and using a homopathic medicine kept it under control, just the left over cough in the mornings now.

I have a GI appointment on Thursday...if he says he wants to scope me again I am telling him to do the pill cam,...I am still paying the bills on the last dual scope. Hopefully he can give the the old RX I was on and I can get it covered by medicare this time...should help with the D and inflammation so healing can proceed more quickly. I have just been using  marshmallow root, slippery elm, and aloe vera to sooth the issues. Wondering if I should start back on probiotics?

I was on acetaminophen but I think it caused some issues, my resting heart beat has raised from 51bpm to 71bpm and stays that way even now..Unsure if the pain or the pain meds that caused this -_-. Been off it for 5 days now.



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