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GI Update



So I got to see my GI doc...3 weeks of being in pain, D and bleeding issues. I had a nice detailed report almost 2 pages in a word document summarizing each weeks pain, diet, supplements, my state, BM details, and conclusions. He read through the thing and asked to scan it into the records, then after a basic examination he ordered a CT scan and full blood work.

Ironically I went up there to get my old RX for UC but did not get that. He told me to get some pepto bismal to help with the D and inflammation. I thought since it was related to aspirin and said not to take it if bleeding I could not...he stated it contains a slightly different compound and the company puts that on the label so that people with infections that cause bloody diarrhea do not just try to cover and treat their symptoms with when they really need to see a doctor...and he listed off of bunch of them. Wonder how much truth is in that? Anyway on small doses of that throughout the day....honestly the taste makes me nauseated. Might be best...as that RX I used to be on was a time released slow dissolving capsule...my GI transit time from eating to flushing is 4-6 hours so I think those pills would be a moot point.

I finally finished off my huge pot roast today, made a bunch of tuna and mayo and liquid smoke flavor and a hint of ACV taste pretty good. I am eating beef liver jerky for my vitamins/minerals since I have issues with veggies...and I will tell you jerky is the ONLY way to stomach that stuff lol. I ordered another 2lbs of longhorn liver, and 6lbs of longhorn meat from a local rancher (he takes his grass fed animals to a meat only processing facility and I have never had issues in the past). Thinking I might do some nice lemon and dill salmon this weekend >.< Quite restricted on seasonings right now.



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It's unfortunate to hear you are struggling at this time. I hope you find some comfort and peace soon. Hopefully, you got through your busy summer farmers market before this erupted. 

The liver jerky is a clever way to ensure you get your nutrients since the veggies are troublesome these days. The rancher/all meat processor is a golden find.  The salmon dill sounds delicious.

Best wishes on a quick healing to enjoy your fall market/catering seasoning.

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Hang in there Ennis!  

I am restricted to a limited number of seasonings too.  Cooking without onion, peppers, or garlic is a pain!  Using more fresh herbs I grow.  Thankfully, I can tolerate black pepper.  

Let us know if the Pepto works.  

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Woke up this morning feeling like death....constant D all morning, random urge to vomit before even eating, so tired I could not even do yoga so I just spent 2 hours on the mat this morning lifting a dumbell unable to even sit up -_-

Late on felt better double checked my temp no  fever, but my allergies are acting up guess the wind blew something in.
So since I confirmed I was not actually sick I started cooking. @cyclinglady I think this salmon is right up your alley...honestly it was all I ate this morning aside from a glass of coconut milk.
Base Recipe
1lb Salmon Center Cut
1 Lemon Sliced up
1 tbsp oil of choice (I used avocado but gee, or olive would be nice)
2 tbsp cooking white wine
Dried or fresh dil for garnish

1. Preheat oven to 475F
2. Put the oil in your dish (I used a oven safe skillet but a baking dish would work), Put half your lemon Slices on the bottom of the pan pour the sherry over them and place the salmon SKIN SIDE UP on the lemon. Place in the oven for 5 MIN
3. Pull out and you can use your finger tips to just pull the whole skin off the salmon, use a wide smooth spatula to flip the salmon over and place the rest of the lemon slices on top. Bake for another 15mins then remove and serve with dill over the top

PS you guys might notice me posting most of my bakery recipe line up >.< I just feel like I am dying here and my family has no interest in taking over my business so just offering up everything so it will not fade into oblivion.

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Oh!!!!!!   I feel so bad for you!  

I don’t have all the restrictions you do, but that salmon sounds really good.  I think I will make that soon and invite my dad over.  He would like that and it meets all his dietary issues of low sodium and low carb!

if you feel bad, there is No shame in just  doing some light stretching on your back on the mat.  Maybe go back to bed and listen to some soft music for a while.  

Many of us love to see your recipes.  So thanks for sharing.  

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I am so sorry that you are so ill.  Do not give up!  It is so easy to feel so down when you feel awful.  I talked about feeling good in a thread yesterday.  I jinxed it.  Kid came home for a visit and I overate at dinner.  I even ate mashed potatoes!  It is not a glutening but my stomach acting up.  That dinner stayed in my stomach most of the night.  Nausea and indigestion.   Gluttony got me.  I should have known better not to overeat.  Cancelled my bike ride because it is best to rest and to let my body repair.  

Thanks for the recipe.  I have some Alaskan Salmon in the freezer.  I need to buy some sherry, but have plenty of lemons and fresh dill in the yard. I might have to place it in foil and BBQ it.  The Santa Ana Winds will be starting today.  Hot, very dry and windy.  Hoping for a fire free week.  

It sounds like your UC is flaring.  Is there anyway to find another GI who will treat you beyond Pepto Bismal?  Have you tried a biologic?  

Edited by cyclinglady

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