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November Update 2019



So my health is quite bad, the GI upset has leveled out after 4 weeks the bleeding stopped with vitamin K and calcium enriched almond milk daily to encourage clotting. My diet has been mostly meat, vegan cheese, collagen and almond milk drinks, and snacking on pork rinds. I recent introduced some almond yogurt to try and populate my gut bacteria and kale for vitamins. The diarrhea is still daily and is quite annoying, the anemia is also persistent and I am sleeping a lot more. The results from the CT scan showed that my large intestine walls had thickening and my GI doc wants to send me to a specialist in the city north of here and see about a pill cam. Unfortunately with my intestines as they are now and bowel habits...I can not leave my house long enough to make it there as my car lacks a toilet for the hour long trip lol. Let me elaborate on that...if I have a BM I generally end up laying on the floor for 20-30mins waiting to feel normal or OK again. So a pit stop at a gas station is even out of the question for relief.

Now top off these issues a few weeks ago I got a cold, then my allergies went to hell when I was forced to get off ranidine with the national recall. Several weeks of drainage, and coughing led to a sinus infection....yeah feel like crap most days. I am living on antihistamines, cough syrup, caffeine pills, and nasal decongestants.

I find myself running a food bucket list since I feel like death lol. I made and had a few lemon squares Friday...bad idea cause my stomach and gut seem to throwing a tantrum so I am going back full savory keto. So far I have knocked off BBQ using a pressure cooked rump roast and stevia sweet BBQ, Fish sticks with the posted recipe...which I modified and made chicken strips and knocked that off. I have done turkey burgers bun less with my secret sauce. I think I will try nachos with pork rinds and some vegan mozz and seite cashew cheese next Wed for National Nacho Day. I want to see about getting some cow cheek meat and making some barbacoa next week also. I am wondering I can I candle tomato sauces? or if I can eat a califour foods pizza crust (A national pizza day is coming up)? Some baked chicken with Primal Kitchen Alfredo sauce sounds great also.
Few funny thoughts if I feel better by thanksgiving I might try making a fathead cinnamon roll recipe with vegan cheeses....even humoring the thought of using pork rind flour instead of coconut flour lol.

I am also debating other bucket list...like buying a cheap ambulance used, building out a bed frame in it for a twin bed in the back. And since they have a onboard generator and AC in the back I could make a mini camper out of so I can travel and leave my house longer then a few hours. Just need to put a microwave, mini fridge, and portable chemical toilet in it. I just need $7000 to do this would take about 2 years of savings. But would it truly give me the freedom I imagine? Well at the vary least I can use it as a pull vehicle if I ever go that route with the video game rental trailer and I would be able to visit my grandpa up north and go on extended trips into the city without worry of getting trapped due to medical issues.

Not being able to do HITT or heavy jumping running workouts due to my gut now I am putting on belly flab....I am tempted to try buying a bowflex max trainer for low impact cardio and upper body but would require $2700 roughly it even comes with free dumbbell set and shipping right now -_- I am scared of becoming fat but that is expensive.

Looking at cooking, I am going back over some basics, IE with poultry being a lean meat you have to brine it before baking it or use a braising or boiling cooking method to avoid drying it out and keeping it moist. Along with the arts of searing meats and deglazing pans after for sauce bases. >.< I have avoided cooking poultry for months and got a bit rusty aside from cheating with a crock pot meal.



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