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Cooking Expirments and Gut Issues



So today I started some experimenting, I used what I learned from my protein sticky dough experiment about psyliumm husk gelling with warm liquids and applying it with a gluten free flour mixture (almond/coconut/Swerve/guar gum )then taking the hot mix and cooling then adding in the eggs and baking powder akin to a choux pastry dough I can get amazing rise and super puffy results. Hmm it reminded me of the base doughnuts that you add creme fillings to it was that puffy and soft. I think taking my lemon square filling and injecting it into them (minus the eggs that set it up) would make a perfect knock off lemon filled doughnut.This recipe will be pending later this year here once I confirm results again.

ANYWAY what I learned the past few days is I still can not eat these or anything made with nut based flours without vomiting later and painful intestinal cramping. Seems I am going back to a carnivore diet for a few more weeks of healing.
On a side note this doctor up in the city really insist on me getting an appointment urging me that the CT scans and other test they received are indicative of a more serous issue and they want to do scopes and biopsies. Well the daily Diarrhea means I can not get up there without a toilet in my car -_- And google just makes me hesitant as this "Thickening of the intestine" in 40% of cases is cancer....>.> I still think it is just inflamed from the damn ground silica shards shredding it.


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