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Good News, Cooking, Holidays



So I finally made it to that specialist in the city, he straight up put me on 4x the standard UC medication and within a few days I am active again and able to leave my house. He stated the Silica I thought caused it would have softened and gelled in my intestines thus it probably only mildly irritated my intestines. But he said nonetheless it seems it flared my UC. So he said if I stick with the paleo/keto diet it will help with remission once the medicine calms it down.

So now to my cooking, the little run in with thinking I was dying has me trying all kinds of new stuff. I am working on a Paleo and Keto Lasagna -_- about $60 in testing so far but even the test dishes are still feeding me for days. I am also playing around making other things like making a Keto/Paleo Reeses butter knock off with sunflower butter for Peanut Butter Fudge Day and that turned out wonderful.  And doing note pad notes and conversions to see about making lemon meringue cookies and Lemon meringue  pies without using starches, sugars, or carbs. Heck Playing around with that I made a pie pan of pure Meringue with Irish Cream Extract just to eat.

A recent food diary note left me finding out that I am now reacting bad to any processed foods with Emulsifiers in it like gums...unless extreme heat is applied. I am finding after drinking nut milks or eating foods with them that they Emulsify the fats/oils and float on top of my stomach acid -_- So now I am using higher end products and making my own.

Holidays are coming, I dread them. My family just admitted to me they would not be joining me this year for thanksgiving but eating at the church they are helping cook the community dinner for (Ironically I am donating 7 dozen desserts to).  SO for thanksgiving I am stuck again at home alone, already have stuff to make meals. Looking at a Smoked Spatchcocked Turkey, Green Bean Cassrole, Paleo Rolls, Stuffing made with my paleo herb bread, and Pecan Pie, and Lemon Meringue Pie.
Guess I will throw out a invite to a few customers and on a side note Forum board members need just give me a head sup via message.



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Wonderful news on the healing Ennis! What a wonderful thing for you.

Other than the immediate family it will be quiet here on Thanksgiving. It was challenging the past few years (at first to accept), but I learned to embrace it.

I do hope you have a few guests for dessert perhaps, or a peaceful evening of good health, all your own, to your well-being.

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That's great you are feeling better Ennis.  If I was closer I'd def consider coming by to snarf up some of your Thanksgiving foods.  We will probably do a pretty laid back Thanksgiving here in SE Ohio.  Turkey and sweet tater pies are on the menu so far.  And eggs of some sort since they are coming out my ears at this point.  Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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