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Feelin' Groovy



Haven't much to say these days. I've been feeling exceptionally well, so I must be doing something right.


We bought 36 acres and are remodeling the house that is on it. We plan to move out there when the major renovation is done and the barn is built. We've decided on a tractor and will be buying it soon. We're going to try to be self-sufficient. The property has a deep water well that supplies the house and all the property with water. We plan to plant a garden as soon as we get the tractor. When we move out there, we'll be getting meat goats and milk goats and some chickens so we'll have fresh eggs. Also plan to get a windmill to generate electricity.


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Mosaic, that sounds wonderful. We have just bought 18 acres, and it is a bare block, we have moved a house on, but the council is so slow, we haven't been able to do anything with it yet. Once we get the go ahead, we will start the renovating etc etc. It will take time, but it willbe worth it in the end. As we are now living in the city and getting so sick of city life, there is no where to plant a garden, and hubby is a farmer from way back, so he'll be able to raise a few stock etc etc.

For water, we have a river down the bottom. And as it is forever raining here, we will gather rain water in the tank. I think we will have to give up broadband, as it doesn't seem to be on-line out there.

All the best.

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Cathy, all the best to you in your new venture. You're lucky to have a husband with farming experience. My husband and I have none, so we're just learning as we go and getting lots of advice from friends. We

I planted a garden for the first time in my life and it is exciting to watch the little sprouts come up. We're making good progress on the house and hope to be able to move in some time this summer.

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I'm so jealous of you two!!! I will never be able to convince my husband to move to an acreage...he is a city boy at heart. I grew up on an acreage with our own garden, our own cattle (so I grew up on grass fed beef) and everything was organic...didn't realize how lucky I was at the time.

I am contemplating putting some vegetables into my little city lot here somewhere, but I have lots of trees in a small yard, so too much shade I think. There are some community gardens, but from what I've seen of them, I'm not convinced I'd be getting organic goods.....(sigh) maybe someday!!


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Well, this is something I had wanted to do while my kids were growing up so that we could learn together. I homeschooled my kids for several years and it would have been ideal to include gardening, etc. in their educations. But my husband, also a city boy, didn't want to do it at all. Plus, he had to be in the city for his job.

Now he's more flexible with where he can work and we are expecting an economic crash, so it was his idea to get some acreage and become as self-sufficient as possible. We're both nearing 50 years old and at this point, I rather saw myself as having a flat in Spain with no yard to take care of and relatively carefree. But...here I am, starting a whole new life and fixin' to be an empty nester with my youngest going to university this fall and planning to get married next year.

Despite my wish for a flat in Spain, I am enjoying this experience very much. Surprisingly, my husband is loving it, too. He loves getting out there on the tractor, plowing and mowing. He has even tackled the house remodel, tearing out the kitchen with gusto.

He cracks me up, though. He is such a city boy that he has never even seen a tick. So he is obsessed with ticks. He's always afraid that one is in his hair. He saw a little hopping bug not too long ago and exclaimed, "It's a tick!" No, honey, ticks don't hop. And he was sure that he had a tick when he felt a little bump on his scalp a few days ago. I had to root around in his hair until I found the culprit...a tiny bit of drywall. :lol:

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