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Quercetin Has Helped Me A Great Deal

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hi. I am Dx Celiac and of course am/was allergic to the Big five.
I was reacting to everything and the worst symptom was the DH. I hate it so much! It is so painful, so gross looking as it makes me feel grubby and dirty.


I stumbled across an article on Cromyln (which most here already know about, and Mast cell disorders) I know my stupid Doctor would never RX that for me, he would tell me my disease is "not bad enough" No, it just means he wouldn't make any money writing me that RX. Canadian medicine.

I digress...

With deeper searching I found out about quercetin. I've tried 100's of supplements and thought there was really no harm in trying. So I ordered some and I have been taking it for about 3 weeks.

The first couple of weeks I got a DH flare up that was pretty bad. My DH affects my fingernails as well...more accurately my left pinkie. The nail will literally come off. I thought it was nail psoriasis  but my dermatologist told me it was DH blisters in the nail bed.

With this last flare my nail split and nearly all came off.

Then something amazing happened.
The nail has started growing back normally!  
I have NO DH blisters and I have been eating egg whites, tomatoes and feta cheese!!! 
THIS could be it! I know I am truly allergic to wheat but my insides were so messed up I couldn't digest anything. Quercetin, along with Bone Broth and L-Glutamine may finally  be repairing my small intestine.
I will keep youse posted if you're interested!

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