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Test Results/symptoms Questions?

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Hi All,

   I called today and got my lab results over the phone they said they are all normal. It is so discouraging. I have not been well for a long time and no doctor seems to be able to find out what is wrong with me. I thought for sure I had celiacs according to alot of my symptoms.

Here are some:(I am sure I will forget alot of them)

Nausea, Exp morning but will last all day

Extreme tiredness/sleepiness

Rumbling in the abdomen above pelvis area


A pinchy pain in upper right area

Diarrhea more times than not

Bad stomach cramps after eating pasta, pizza, etc.

Rapid heart rate


I would appreciate any opinions and thanks in advance!



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Make sure you get a written or electronic copy of your tests.  Often docs will run only one of the antibody tests included in a full celiac panel.


Once you are certain you had:


Total Serum IgA

tTG - both IgA and IgG


DGP - IgA and IgG


and they were all negative...it is time to remove ALL gluten for 3-6 months to monitor symptoms -- there are no tests other than elimination of Gluten for Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) which can have many of the same symptoms as Celilac Disease.


Hang in there!

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