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Do You Have To Eat Gluten For A Blood Test?

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Hi All, 


I have been suffering from GI symptoms for about 11yrs now, they just increase in severity. Basically they are: Bloating, fatigue, bloody stools, cramps, constipation, unexplained weight gain, dry skin, always hungry, always thirsty, brain fog, flatulence and burping. I went on a gluten free diet about 2 yrs ago and most of these symptoms disappeared. Since going gluten free, I've been on and off the diet. But for the past 4 months I've been gluten free. Recently some new symptoms have begun, about two months ago I started to experience dizzyness, weakness, cramping, nausea 24-7 and diarrhea. 


I went into my doctor about 3 weeks ago and she did blood tests, fecal tests and urine tests. The only thing that she found was alot of fat in my stool and a benign parasite. I continued to get weaker and weaker and when I went into work on friday (4 days ago) I felt really weak but was determined to push through it. I fell over because my legs just gave out and started to breathe really heavy and shake. It felt like my hands and feet were numb and tingly also. I was very confused and when the fire department came and then the ambulance I didn't know what was going on, my vision was also blurry. In the ER they tested me for all the normal stuff and sent me home even though I couldn't walk or talk I was so weak. They chaulked it up to stress and working too hard. The next day I continued to feel like this so my mom took me to the Dr's, they promptly sent me back to the hospital. The hospital did all the same tests and came back and told us I was just depressed. I know I'm not depressed, I'm actually quite happy most of the time. 


So we went another route, and went to the GI specialist. He said that my symptoms weren't symptoms of Celiacs and it was probably just stress or depression, or IBS. He said if I was Celiac, my symtoms would be gone after going gluten free. But I was wondering, what about cross contamination? I live in a gluten filled household and I've heard about people getting reactions from CC. My mom made him do a blood test for Celiacs (My family has a history of gluten intolerance even though no one has ever been tested for Celiacs) and he ordered one for thyroid. He also wants to do a colonoscopy.  


I have a couple of questions: One, do you have to be on a gluten filled diet to have the blood test work? 

and Two, is it true that these aren't symptoms of Celiacs disease? Three, is a colonoscopy going to tell me anything? and Four, where do I go from here? 


Thank you so much, I am feeling so confused right now. Any and all advise/facts are greatly appreciated!



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You need to be on a gluten diet for the blood tests to come back.


Celiac has many symptoms (200? something of that sort, could be more or less).


An endoscopy might find something, however, since you have been off of gluten for 4 months, that has to be taken into account.


You could, if you wish to pursue it, do a gluten trial, then get the blood tests ran, followed by a endoscopy with a biopsy.

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