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Aruba Or All Inclusive Elsewhere Better For Celiacs

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I am looking for a 30th wedding anniversary trip. My husband is celiac and I am wondering if going to aruba would be better or doing an all inclusive in another country. If so which one. What is it like in oct. Or nov? Thanks, Nancy.

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I have traveled to Aruba twice and been very sucessful.  Yes there is a little bit of a language barrier, but I emailed many restaurants prior to going, printed all the emails and carried them when I went.  I even had a restaurant from a previous visit we wanted to go to that  made the meal I wanted gluten free although it wouldn't normally be gluten free.  We were there 9 days both visits and I did not get glutened once.   (Can't say the same for several cities we vacationed in closer to home)


I will say that I did take a lot of my own snacks, peanut butter and few other things, and only bought fresh fruit and veggies at the store.  Most packaged items are not in english and I didn't want to take any chances since their labeling laws are probably not the same as in the US.  

I don't have experience with an all inclusive and can't answer that part, but did want to say that Aruba was very gluten friendly and knowledgeable.   In fact we are headed back in 2015

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