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So Confused About Tests!

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I took my 6 year old daughter in to a pediatric gastroenterologist after having a positive saliva test. I checked her chart this morning and it shows her TtG was 10. Not much more explanation of the result so I emailed the doctor for an explanation. Her nurse wrote back and said 0-19 are in the normal range so 10 is normal. But when I looked at the mayo clinic's celiac testing chart it said 0-4 negative, 4-10 should be further tested based on EMA or AGA IgA results and anything more than 10 should go to biopsy. I asked if they ran either of those and they only ran total IgA and TtG. I emailed back asking for further explanation since the info from the mayo clinic is different. I just want to feel that they are interpreting the results correctly.

Here is the info from her saliva test:

Cyrex lava Array 1

Secretory IgA 5.02

Gliadin IgA+IgM > 3.40

Transglutaminase IgA+IgM >3.10

The doctor said these are some of the highest test results that he's seen. He called the lab to verify that they were correct. He said it's most likely autoimmune and to follow up with a gastroenterologist.

I am so confused. Any ideas on how to interperate these results would be hugely helpful! I don't know if we just assume all is fine now and keep an eye on her?

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