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Anyone With Anti Asca And Leaky Gut Here ?

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Anyone with anti ASCA positive and leaky gut here ?


I have an anti ASCA test and I had negative IGA anti ASCA but positive IGG anti ASCA. So I assume I had yeast intollerance... or maybe Crohn's !! I'm terrified about the Crohn's. 

I done several research on it and I found that some celiacs have anti ASCA positive. Leaky gut also can contribute to formation of anti ASCA, because the gut leakage of antigenic yeast in the blood. 


I also done a zonulin fecal test and was high positive.


I'm not celiac because I had negative blood tests, but I got an IGA anti gliadin in faeces positive. 

Then I had an HLA test at doctor and came out positive for half DQ2 (beta chain only). So I think I'm at risk for celiacs now or in the near future. 





Whitefairy - diagnosed with Dq2 celiac gene (DBQ1*0201.), suffering with IBS and SIBO. 

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