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Some Comedy...i Hope

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I'm a busy woman, two kids, two cats, celiac, lots of stuff not done, lots of stuff I want to do.



Then I'm dashing to the bathroom (the kids follow me) so I got to get in before they do and shut the door. They pop open the baby gate sometimes now, the oldest one has no trouble.


"I just want some privacy! Holy smokin' cow man!"


You just have to pee, that's it!


Then you open the lid, there it is.......the ring of DEATH.


You forgot to swab that out for a few weeks.


It's frightening, it may be causing your allergy symptoms, it's odor is permeating the bathroom.

Dang Nab IT! I meant to do that!


You sit with a guilty conscience, hurry up, here come the kids. You look back as you flush, water has no power anymore over the ring of death.




Running away seems to make sense at that point.



Just run!


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