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Hi everyone,

I have been gluten free for about 10 years.  Recently I've been having pain in my lower right side and upper right side near my belly button.  (I've had lots of tests and the doctors don't think appendix.)

Someone told me to be tested for Candida.  They were tested and had to be put on anti-fungal medicine (it has to do with killing the extra yeast in the intestine and then lots of probiotics and diet changes).  After reading the symptoms of Candida they seem similar to Celiac.

Does anyone have any experience with being tested/having Candida?  I'm wondering if there is any relation between Celiac (autoimmune disesases) and Candida?

Also, do regular doctors test for this or do I have to go to a holistic doctor?  Really I've been to so many doctors, I'm starting to think outside the box!


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