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    Sleep Apnea

    I am a sleep apnea specialist. Sleep apnea is related to obesitas, diabetic, congestive heartfailure, anatomy of jaw/thoat, being male, or just runs in the family, but a relation with celiac disease seems VERY unlikely to me. But I am never to old to learn something new. Who will know. Though it seems very unlikely to me.
  2. Dugudugu

    Candida test

    I am curious for the aswers as I am exhausted again for over a year and I am thinking I might have candida.
  3. I use most of the time rice oil. It has a high heat index, has a neutral taste, and is sharp priced.
  4. My cats are on Acana, that's gluten free. I had one cat with several skin issues, and she got better with the Acana. So they were already gluten free long before I was diagnosed. Lol. My dogs get regular food containing gluten. Reason: I cannot afford it. So 60/40 here (3 cats 2 dogs) I haven't checked (and actually I don't care) the snacks my pets get, contain gluten as well. I always wash my hands after given these snacks.
  5. It took me 6 months to get noticable improvements of the symptoms. I'd say give it more time.
  6. Dugudugu

    Gluten Free Since 2010 And Still Suffering.

    I was also tested for lactose intolerance and the test came back negative, just like the gluten, soy but also cats and dog allergies. If I eat a slice of cheese or sleep with a cat beside my pillow, I'll know immidiately. So for me the test has no value and I recomment to go lactose-free afteral for some time and give it a try. Currently I am having the same issues as you have. My docter has send me in for a colonscopy as he wants to make sure the problem is not there. I still have to find the courage to make the appointment....
  7. Imho all the hassle that comes with eaten a piece of food containing gluten, the recovering and the sickness, it's not worth it.
  8. I use canned coconut milk quite often for cooking, it's lactose/gluten/soy free. Don't be in doubt of the word 'milk' in 'coconut milk'. If I were you, I'd rather not use the coffy milk creamer.
  9. My cats eat Acana. Especially the Pacifa smells go great, I have to get myself together not take a bite from it.
  10. I am looking forwards to the replies of the others, as I have exactly the same issues. I started to cut out dairy one month ago.
  11. I have a friend, while being pregnant, she was able to eat all, bread, regular pasta, dairy. I am still amazed...
  12. It took me half a year to get rid of being tired. You have to give it some time.
  13. It took me half a year to feel better....
  14. It took me 6 months till I realized I didn't woke up completely exhausted. Yes it is normal to relapse on the road till recovery. I still have days that I feel awful, like the huge brainfog 'attack' I had this whole day. Good luck and don't give up.
  15. For 15+ years I had all the classic symptoms of gluten intolerance, till last year I got tested. The test was (incomplete and) negative but I went gluten free anyway and after 6 months I felt so much better. Two months ago I got a itchy spot between my buttocks, and I ended up at the family doctor and got some cream for candida infection. Although I felt very uncomfortable, the doctor told me not to be ashamed as I live in a tropic climate, and candida infections in armpits, underneath breasts, and in my case, between buttocks, are quite normal. The issue will also that since two months, I am very tired, or better to say, exhausted, especially in the morning. Brain fog, lots of gas, swollen belly. There have been no gluten accidents (if so I'd have made a new world record running to the bathroom ), so that's all under control. As I have read that there is a relation between NCGI/Celiac and candida, I am worried. Do I have candida in my whole intestines and somehow it is 'going out'? How do I know for sure I have candida, are there any tests? Do I have to go through that -in my eyes- impossible diet? Pills for treatment as I got a creme for the skin? Or do I just have a candida spot that needs treatment? I have used the cream, it got away, but yesterday I noticed it was coming back. On a side note I must say that the last three months were very (!) stressful, emotionally and physically, late to bed, early out, lots of worries, so maybe I am 'just tired'? If anyone could give me some thoughts about this, I'd appreciate! Thank you.
  16. Dugudugu


    How can I find out if I am having candida?
  17. Dugudugu

    Heat And Humiditiy And Better Tolerance

    Since I have gone gluten free last year, I too do tolerate the humidity much better. I live in the Carribean area, humid climate the whole year through. Although September still has to come (hottest and most humid month), I have not complained at all compaired to the same period last year.
  18. That's funny that you start about this subject. All my bloodwork is fine nowadays, except Mg being too low. No one of my docters ever talked about this, but it kept me wondering what the consequences are. Could you tell me? Is it neccesary to use supplements? I am NCGI,so there's supposed to be no villi damage.
  19. Dugudugu

    Doctor's Note For My Trip?

    I think you don't have to worry about your snacks, it's the liquids you should be worried of. Everytime I fly, I travel with my gluten free snacks, and I passed quite a lot of very secure airports. Enjoy your stay!
  20. Yes, the withdrawel can be this bad. Hang in there pal! Everything is going to be alright.
  21. Maybe you can make the frozen veggies yourself? Then you know for sure it's 'save'.
  22. Yep, positive, it's the sauce you shared with your daughter.
  23. Welcome to the board Denipink, Please allow your self some time to browse this forum. So much information can be found! I went gluten free one year ago. I didn't found it so hard to adapt to the diet. When doing shopping, make sure you read the labels very well. It helped me a lot to go with my BB. When I find an ingredient I have my doubts about, I'll check online. Good luck with your challenge. It will all work out in the end and I hope you'll feel better with it.