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Lots of symptoms and just got a rash but is it DH?

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Hi :) 

So now I'm 95% sure I have celiacs.  I've been going through so much pain and sickness for the last 3 months.... Feeling like I'll never get better.  I'm a 25 year old otherwise healthy,  active female. 

I finally had a colonoscopy Thurs. Waiting on results.  My GI wants to rule out crohns.  I have yet to talk to him about celiacs.  

 I have a rash on inner thighs by vagina and goes around to butt,  slightly itchy,  burns,  some look like pimples, some red dots,  almost perfectly symmetrical. 

Other current symptoms - alternating constipation/diarrhea with black specs,  neck pain like whiplash,  ears constantly popping/clogged (about a year) ,  vision flickering like I'm blinking but not - multiple times an hour,  left knee pain when pops,  low platelets (128), nausea/stomach pain after eating certain foods usually vomit, sharp pain bellow belly belly button &  to the left, pins and needles in legs/arms when sitting multiple times a week,  bright red dots like cherry angomas,  confusion with thoughts. 

Thanks for your input

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Forgot to mention - I've also been very tired these past 2 weeks.  Pretty much sleep, eat,  and sometimes go to work if I'm up for it.  I also lost 6lbs since December when my symptoms started.  I'm 5'9 and usually 128. 

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Welcome, @Ntf2001.

Has your doctor tested for DH? A positive is an automatic celiac diagnosis.  By the way, they test the skin adjacent to the sores not the sores themselves.

I would tell the doctor you also want to find out if your rash is DH (remember to tell him that the skin adjacent to the lesions are biopsied, not the lesion themselves).  This might need to be done by a GI or an skin doctor, I'm not sure.  If your rash is not DH, I would ask for the full celiac bloo panel.   

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