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Hello everyone,

I didn't see an introduction section so I figured post diagnosis would be a good place to introduce myself.

My name is Lori to start off with :) I'm 33 years old and from Washington State.

After what's been a nearly year long diagnosis, an a-hole doctor who actually said "Well if your stomach just hurts every so often, why are you here?", a positive and very high celiac antibody blood test, nine month waiting list for endoscopy, and having to proactively chase down my biopsy results I finally got the confirmation yesterday that I have celiac disease.   I must admit it's a relief to finally have a definitive yes or no answer...not to mention a self righteous bit of me would love to shove the results in the original doctor's jerk-ish face lol.

I'm so glad there are some celiac forums out there like this, I didn't find much on google so I'm glad to have found this one!


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It is a relief to know, isn't it?  Now, you can focus on getting better.  I am going to warn you that it takes time.  Everyone heals at different rates because their damage (not just to their small intestine) is unique to them.  That means months to a year or so.  

Why so long?  There's a steep learning curve to the diet.  It's not just reading labels, but making sure you don't get cross contaminated in a restaurant, your friend's kitchen or your own.  Everything that can be swallowed must be checked (e.g. medications, supplements).   Take a look at the Newbie 101 thread located under the "Coping" section for valuable tips.  

My hubby had been gluten free for 12 years before my diagnosis.  I knew the drill.  What I did not do (and forgot about his struggle the first year) was sticking to a whole foods diet for a while to expedite healing.  Nah, I just dove into those luscious homemade gluten-free apple spice cupcakes my hubby loved (I am an excellent baker -- not to brag!).  Turns out I reacted to Xanthan Gum (who knew?) and discovered a few food intolerances (milk is a biggie).  

Consume well-cooked foods that are easy to digest until you see improvement.  

Consider asking your doctor (I know he was lame) about checking you for mineral and vitamin deficiencies.  Enzymes often help in the beginning.  Remember, you have damaged villi.  

Take care.  Take time to be mad!  :angry:Grieve!:(  But you know, things will get better!  :D

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Thanks Cyclinglady :) 

I'll definitely take a look at the Newbie thread! 

I had been eating gluten free after the blood test (having gone back on gluten two months before my endoscopy)  so it should hopefully be an easy transition back though I must admit having had the official diagnosis now I will be A LOT more diligent about it. 

Thank you for the whole foods idea too, it's a great one! 

I'll have to speak to the doctor about what you recommended...I'm actually in the middle of moving back the States having lived in the UK for two years so hopefully I get a more understanding and pleasant doctor in the future. 

Oh no you poor dear Xantham Gum and gluten free sounds like a cruel combination as it seems to be a common gluten-free ingredient. 

Thanks again for your reply and suggestions :) 

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