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2 year old with "weak positive" tTG IgA

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I just found out today my son tested weak positive for tTG IgA blood test. His level was 4 U/mL and the weak positive range at our lab is 4-10. Our pediatrician recommended that we see a GI specialist that will likely recommend an endoscopy. 

I've read that the false positive rate on this test is only 1-3%, but is that true for children as well?

Are there good resources I should look at so that I can go to the GI appointment informed and ask the right questions? What should I be advocating for? The complete blood panel before an endoscopy? I'm nervous about sedating such a young kid. 

I have an advanced degree in biology, so I a can read scientific papers if there are good ones people recommend (maybe review articles on celiacs in young children?).  

My son really has no symptoms. We only added on the celiac panel at our pediatrician's request when we did a standard lead test because my son has pretty loose stools (but also eats a lot of fruit). And, he often rubs his tongue (kind of like how a cat licks his paws).

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Check out the Univ of Chicago Celiac Center site.  A Weak positive in  a child may not be Celiac






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