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Low Lymph Count and Swollen Lymph Nodes

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I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease/dermatitis herpetiformis. I have been gluten free for approximately 3 months. About 6 to 8 months ago, I noticed painless,swollen lymph nodes in my neck and then the groin area.  I kept an eye on them but they did not shrink in size. I had an ultrasound which showed them as swollen, both sides of groin, and cbc showed a low lymph count. 

Has anyone else had this experience as related to celiac? The doctor has reccommended waiting 4 weeks and doing another cbc. With a low lymph count and swollen nodes, I am wondering why she would not be more concerned. There was mention of seeing a hematologist, but the final decision apparently is to wait and retest. 

I am concerned about lymphoma, as I know celiacs are at a higher risk, and my mom had lymphoma when she was in her 50's. I am 37.

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