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Hi everyone so ive been a celiac for 6 years now and ive had constipation issues before but my bowels were getting back to normal i was going every day and then now its been 5 days without anything.....my external hemorrhoids are flarred up like crazy ive been using preparation h for a week now and it just keeps getting bigger...i dont want to take a laxative because in my experience with them they cause more pain but they do sometimes work.....ive trued prune juice,black coffee all day,not eating and just drinking water all day.......still nothing i even threw up this morning because food just makes me sick right now....oh i also have ibs and gastritis but i need help i dont want to go to the doctor does anyone have any home remidies that may help or any suggestions? Thank you 

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Perhaps a enema? I used to have constipation issues over 5 years ago. Even a whole box of ex-lax never worked, would be backed up for 5-10days. I found this this one sparkling Magnesium Citrate Drink laxative/Stool softener was the only stuff that worked back then. Other then that I can not help you much as I have not had this issue in years. Now that I think about it it has been since then I made magnesium supplements part of my daily regime.

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Ennis_Tx is right.  Magnesium Citrate will make you go.

They sell it as a presurgical flush in a concentrated form.

There is a good iconic powder form of Magnesium Citrate a little less powerful called "natural calm" that if you take in a heaped up teaspoon usually will cause a movement.

Magnesium attracts 800 molecules of water to one molecule of magnesium or some thing like that.

It will cause a movement when used in the liquid concentrated form.

I once had constipation from a fast I was doing and after taking 3x the normal dose of about 600 to 800mg or the whole RDA at one time of Magnesium as a Citrate I had a movement in the next hour.

I prefer Colace as a preventive and Pericolace as a gentle laxative.

Senna will make you go as well. 

You can find Senna in Super Slimming teal and they tell you to only drink a half a cup to reduce the laxative effect and I found unless I wanted to have a movement after drinking a cup of Super slimming tea  I had to just that  to reduce  my urges to go after drinking more than 1/2 cup at a time.

Pears have  40% of your daily fiber content and help with regularity.

I hope this is helpful.




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