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Thanksgiving in Jacksonville

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Well, there are several Jacksonville's in the US but I'm assuming you mean Jacksonville, FL. Here's a link for that city on Find Me Gluten Free. There's a phone app available too. Look for places where actual celiacs ate & recommend. BTW, whatever you do, don't head west from there to Lake City b/c there are NO places I would consider safe in Lake City so if you head that way, be sure to have safe food in the car so you can eat.

http://www.findmeglutenfree.com/search?a=Jacksonville florida&lat=30.3322&lng=-81.6557&ga=Jacksonville, FL

I would also be cognizant of how recent the ratings/posts are.

Doing a very quick run through of some of the places these look promising:



This one says the owner has celiac & has great ratings & rave reviews:



I'll leave it to you to look at the rest of them.


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