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Hi, I'm sure this topic has already been covered, but I was just wondering if anyone else had a positive tissue transglutaminase iga antibody test but negative biopsy? My Doctor determined that because the biopsy came back negative, that I don't in fact have Celiac's disease. What else could it be if it's not Celiac's?

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It is quite possible for damage to get missed with the biopsy. How many did the doctor take? He should have taken about 6. Also is the IGA test the only test he did out of the celiac panel? As far as I know a positive result in that test is specific to celiac. Did the doctor tell you to do a strict trial of the diet? If not he should have. Do read the Newbie 101 thread at the top of the Coping section and get yourself strictly gluten free. Some doctors will diagnose based on relief of symptoms on the diet and your antibodies going down. Ask any questions you need to about all you need to keep yourself safe as being gluten free involves more than just the foods you choose. I hope you are feeling better soon.

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