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Whats Wrong With Me?

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[Thanks for letting us know about you Lisa

Please keep on top of this.

Judy in philly

Judy in Southern CA

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Lisa- How are you doing? Whatever is going on sounds serious. Did they give you a diagnosis? Or tell you what each of the medications were for? A lot of times prednisone is given to Celiac's who are REALLY sick in the beginning and need it so their gut can heal a bit.

You said you ate Cheese wiz, just my opinion, but you should probably stay away from dairy right now. When you get stomach flu, an infection or anything like that, you are usually told to stay away from dairy because it upsets your poor tummy even more.

I wouldn't wait till those prescriptions run out, I'd make an appointment for tomorrow. Please take care and keep us posted. ((hugs))), Beverly

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