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Even People Who"know" Don't Know

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Or, "Gluten intolerance, huh? My mom is lactose intolerant and she eats ice cream anyway." Love that one.

I find oftentimes that I tell people, inaccurately, that I have a wheat allergy. I've found that I don't get as many asinine questions (What happens when you eat gluten?) or dumb comments (gluten is like fat, right?)

Anyone else fudge the truth a little?

Oh yes, I definitely say "wheat allergy" when dining out. I know we should be out there "educating" the public correctly but when my health is at stake, I do whatever it takes to stay gluten free!

Joy- Midtown Atlanta

Positive Fecal Test Results 6/05

Gluten, Lactose, Casein Intolerant

Severe Fat Malabsorption

Gluten-Free since 6/05

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