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Does Anyone Know If Kraft Parmesan Cheese Is gluten-free?

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The one that comes in the green and yellow bottle.. is that gluten-free?


Diagnosed 11-11-05 after 3 months of major symptoms, including 2 hospitalizations and 7 ER visits for dehydration and syncope. Otherwise, I had all "normal" blood tests and major scans. During those 3 months, lost 20 pounds, all my muscle tone, and ultimately could not walk for 2 days. Spent 6 days during the second hospitalization hooked up to IV and STILL passing out IN BED due to malnutrition with doctors staring at me AS IF it was all IN MY HEAD

Other related symptoms:



Gluten Ataxia - three "nodes" recently found in my brain (thought I had MS)

Muscle weakness


Chronic Constipation

45 pound weight gain since going gluten-free!

gluten-free since 11-11-05. Cannot eat bananas, potatoes, or spinach. Recently reintroduced yogurt into my diet and able to tolerate plain yogurt with sugar.

HATE the diet but psychologically tolerating it for my health.

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Guest Viola

Kraft Parmesan Cheese is gluten free here in Canada. Kraft is a company you can trust to list any form a gluten on the label, so if you can't find gluten right on the label the product is safe :D

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Yes, it is gluten free, but grading your own is much better flavor.


Gluten Free - August 15, 2004

"Not all who wander are lost" - JRR Tolkien

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Guest nini

yes it is gluten free, my daughter loves it on everything... Kraft will not hide gluten in it's natural flavors or anything, so if you do not see obvious wheat barley rye on the label it's not there...

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