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Rice Chex and Cheerios (plain) cereal gluten free

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I’m finding that I’m still burping and bloated after eating bothe these cereals which makes me question the gluten free claim. I’m also lactose intolerant but I use lactose free milk. I was also told oatmeal was gluten free and now I hear it’s not also oatmeal made me deathly ill after eating. I’m super confused with these claims and yet I’m feeling ill after eating them. Help

denise zielinski

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If they make you feel bad, don’t eat them. I know. Not particularly helpful ? but really, each person reacts differently to different things. My suspicion, in your case, from what you said, is that you might be one of those folks who also reacts to oats. Some do. Make sure they are certified gluten-free oats (not all are) and if what you have had are for sure gluten-free oats, then I’ll bet you react to oats. 

Also, if you are using lactose free dairy milk... cow’s milk, then you might be reacting to something in the milk besides the lactose. Try switching to a plant based milk... not oat milk, obviously. 

Be sure to read the box on everything you consume. Look for gluten-free until you absolutely know what to look for... Especially if you try a different brand of something you’ve had before. 

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I think it was 10% of celiacs react to oats regardless....took me a while to find I was one.
Also I ended up with a whey allergy and lactose intolerance so I have to use nut based milks myself.
Another concept is some newly diagnosed celiacs have SIBO, where bacterial overgrowth set in the damaged small intestines. This would trigger gas and bloating in response to carbs.

Diagnosed Issues
Celiac (Gluten Ataxia, and Villi Damage dia. 2014, Villi mostly healed on gluten-free diet 2017 confirmed by scope)
Ulcerative Colitis (Dia, 2017), ADHD, Bipolar, Asperger Syndrome (form of autism)
Allergies Corn, Whey
Peanuts (resolved 2019), Cellulose Gel, Lactose, Soy, Yeast
Olives (Seems to have resolved or gone mostly away as of Jan, 2017), Sesame (Gone away as of June 2017, still slight Nausea)
Enzyme issues with digesting some foods I have to take Pancreatic Enzymes Since mine does not work right, additional food prep steps also
Low Tolerance for sugars and carbs (Glucose spikes and UC Flares)
Occupation Gluten Free Bakery, Paleo Based Chef/Food Catering

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