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Covid 19 and its Variants

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Covid 19 and its Variants:-

AS MARCH 30,k 2021 the new content is listed below:-\

Covid 19 and its VARIANTS :-

There is a good Covid 19 study listed ion the Web, on line under the subject of Covid 19 and its Variants:-

1.  How long does the vaccines remain protective against COVID 19?

     According to Dr. Faucci, who has published many articles regarding Celiac Disease., He now he lists the items below, even though his main emphasis is Celiac Disease, where he publishes research articles on New Celiac Disease Guidelines.

Celiac Disease

Is one vaccine more effective than another: ?

"We have three highly effective vaccines that proven to be quite safe and really extraordinarily good in protecting you against hospitalization and death,  The only way to now the difference between them is through a placebo controlled trial (involving all three), and we have not done that.  These trials were tested separately.

1.  This variant, B1.1.1.7, the U.K. created its own variant, but they cannot thwart the effect of variants through public health measures (like wearing a mask, and by steadily increasing our vaccination program. The only true way of protecting us against Covid 19:- The United Kingdom Variant, known as B.1.1.7. There is something one should note carefully the Astra Zeneca vaccine. In Canada we limit under 55 and over 55. It does spread more quickly, up to 50% more quickly than other strains, and it has been linked with an increased risk of death for a certain age group. Canada has been quick to assess and determine that we will not inject people  between the ages of 50 and 55, and more information should be coming through the mail system this week. There are concerns regarding the T1.1.

According to research, it spreads up to 50 percent more quickly than the other strains. It has been linked with an increased risk of death because of blood clots  with an increased chance or risk in people over 55 here in Canada. There have been 30 cases of blood clots in Great Britain with this B1.1.7, and it is the most contagious. These trials were not done separately. The only way to to know the difference between them is through a placebo-controlled trial which involves all three. So far, they have all been done together, but now they suggest the tests be done separately.

2.  How long do the vaccines remain protective against Covid 19?  We have three highly efficacacious vaccines that have proven to be quite safe (and) really extraordinarily good in protecting you against hospitalization and death. The only way to know the difference between them is through a placebo- a controlled trial involving all three. So far we have not done that. A placebo-controlled trial (involving all three) is what is needed, but they hesitate to prove their effectiveness is through a test involving all three Variants. So far there have been 30 cases of blood clots in Great Britain. This variant is considered the most contagious, and of course they are concerned about placebo controlled trials involving all three and done separately. Though they do not tell you that at the time of your injection for Covid 19. They say six to eight months because they have only been studying it for six to eight months. Clinical trials will be done in the near future. Dr. Fauci

3.  How long do the variants remain protective against Covid 19? Right now we know it is protective against Covid 19 for at least six to eight months. That is how long they have been studying this Variant.  The clinical trials would have to be done over a considerable period of time, and that is something we do not have..... TIME is the one thing we do not have with the spike in death rates.

The South African Variant:-  This was detected in October, the Fall of 2020, and called B.1.351, it appears to be more contagious having already spread to at least 20 other countries including the U.S.A.

The Brazilian Variant:- One study suggests this strain, referred to as P.1. may be resistant to antibodies in people who have recovered from an earlier infection of Covid.

Dr. Fauci understands the urge to get back to normal as soon as possible, but he does not agree with it.  It is risky and could set us back to a place that is even worse than where we are now, and possibly leads to additional surges. Even when authorities pull back on (preventative) recommendations, he would urge people to follow the recommendations from the CDC (that is the Canadian website). The American Web Site involving clinical trials and how long the injection is effective for. In Canada if we want the latest new information on the vaccines we can visit the Centers for disease Control and Prevention at cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-coronavirus 2019-ncov/. B1.1.7.

AFTER you have had your vaccine, no matter which variant mix is used, you will not be considered as "Covered" from getting Covid until TWO weeks have passed by following your Covid injection, so do not assume since you just had your Covid shot that you are automatically protected Right Away, that is not the case.  Two weeks has to transpire after getting the injection for Covid before you are considered protected.


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