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My Advice To New Celiacs

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Spent every day combing through strand by strand for 3 - 4 hours - yesterday there were only two little nits left that I found. Today is her second shampoo, so we should be in the clear after that (knocking vigorously on wood at that statement!!!) LOL! I stayed confined to Rhiannon. Checked everyone daily and they are in the clear, including Terry and myself.

I am going to be terrified to open up our bills coming in, with all the hot water washing and dryer use we have done this past week..... Oh, and vacuumed top to bottom, every day, carpets, mattresses, EVERYTHING!!!!

I was the "NIT" - inator!!!!



Ohhhhhhh my son has gotten it again! I've been nitpicking forever! Strand by strand, by strand, by strand.................. I like the "NIT" - inator! pretty funny! Tara

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