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The skin on my hands will split, usually along deep cracks. The skin on the surface isn't dry-- it's more like it's under the surface of the skin. When I asked a doctor about it, she said I wasn't eating enough balanced fatty acids. I try to have fish and eggs on a pretty regular basis, and freshly-ground flaxseed sprinkled over other foods (salad, yogurt, etc). Since I've started to pay attention, my skin has remained intact and is generally in better shape. Walnuts are also a good source, I believe. Obviously, if you can't tolerate those foods, you may have to find other sources. I dunno if it's the same thing, but you do have to be pretty conscious about nutrition when you're making huge adjustments to your diet.

In the meantime, do *not* handle pepperoncini or cut lemons or anything!

no wheat, no corn since 2002 (except the occasional accidental exposure)

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