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Low Immunoglobulin A, Other Test Negative.........

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My doctor wants to do a biopsy. I have low ferritin and am hypothyroid. When I was young I had multiple test done for painful diarreah. The doctors at first thought I had cystic fibrosis and then said it was a lipase defeciancy. My lipase is fine now. I don't have as many episodes of painful diarreah, but every now and then I do. It is bad enough that I have had to use childbirth techniques to get through it. I do have mucous in stools sometimes, but seem to suffer more from constipation these days with low back pain. One doc did a colonoscopy and said I had IBS. I have this weird thing going on that feels like I am 9 months pregnant because it feels like something is pressing against my ribs at times. It is especially uncomfortable when I am sitting down. I had an abdominal ultrasound that was normal.

My bloodwork showed that my immunoglobulin A was 72 with a range of 81-463. My doctor says the other two test were negative, but it could be false negatives because of the low levels of the immunoglobulin A. Does it sound like a biopsy is really necessary?

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I am new to all this but I have come across information that states that being deficient with IgA can be an indicator or risk factor for celiac. I am sure someone else here will have the answer though. To scope or not to scope is always up to you and again through research it is considered the "gold standard" for diagnosis according to what I have read and have been told. Having said that, it can still not yeild a difinitive result for you. Great help I am, eh?!

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