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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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First I have to say "THANKS everyone for all of the great info here!" I'm so excited about finding this message board. I went on a gluten free diet almost 3 days ago and can fit into my clothes again!! Last week I looked pregnant by the end of the day everyday. So, on Tuesday Im going to call my Dr. and request testing. I dont know what to ask for. Also, how long do I have to be on a gluten diet before testing can be done? I cant wait until this weekend is over!

My friends think that Im nuts for giving up bread and such but initially the Dr. thought I had cancer. If I can deal with that cancer scare then I can give up bread. Today I made pancakes from rice and tapioca flour. Even my daughter and her friend ate them.

So, think about what you would have done differently now that youre in the know, and tell me.

In Jan. of 05 I had allergy testing done. One of the items listed was wheat. It came out negative (Im pos. to just about every tree, grass, mold, etc) and I thought to myself "well, I dont have Celiac". I had no idea that it was a totally different test. If I knew the right questions then I could have asked my reg. doctor for further testing. I just dont know enough.

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