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Bad Breath?

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My 10 year old son is awaiting a bowel biopsy. His celiac test for antibodies came back negative so I'm not expecting his bowel biopsy to show anything...even though I still think he is celiac. He came back positive for both DQ8 genes and both DQ2 genes so he is still a candidate for celiac which is why the dr has ordered a biopsy.

My question is whether a bad breath (talking VERY offensive, smells like faeces) on many occasions is a symptom of celiac? I have even taken him to the doctor about his breath a few years ago as I thought it was not right in a young child with a healthy diet, good teeth and oral hygene. My doctor just looked at me like I was weird.

I remember saying to my husband...I bet one day there will be a reason for his breath.

His symptoms over the years have been...

diarreah (although he does not have it now)

underweight, despite being a good eater

Stomach pains

Low white cell count

Low lymphocytes

Sore joints on occasion

Bruises quite easily

My sister and nephew have celiac

What are the chances anything will show up on his biopsy if his antibodies are negative?



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