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Questions For 1st Gi Appointment

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My almost 9-year-old daughter has had two positive blood tests for celiac and she has her first appointment with the pediatric GI this Friday. I've done tons of reading but have not seen anything that lists questions you should ask the GI during your initial consult. I feel knowledgable and am leaning towards biopsy for her (she has few symptoms, mostly behavior and short stature, for the most part, and I believe that we will have issues with compliance without the biopsy - I want her to know the level of damage and to understand that even eating "just a bit" causes damage).

So, I'm not here to debate the biopsy/no biopsy, but would like to go to the meeting well-prepared with specific questions. For those of you who have been down this path, what do you wish you had asked at the first appointment, what are the "must ask" questions, etc.

Mairin's first test was through a research study of 1000 vials of blood specifically looking for celiac. it was a surprise (well, somewhat) for us when we were contacted by our pedi to say that she had tested positive. A subsequent blood test was also positive, but negative for her younger sister (6) and brother (4 -- we will be following up on my son with the GI as he is off-the-charts small for his age).

Many thanks in advance.

Mairin's mom

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