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What To Have For Gastro Appt

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We have our much a waited GI appt in the morning and just looking for advice on what to prepare for the appointment. Some back history--- My 9 yo son has constant diarrhea, horrific gas, stomach pain , nausea, fatigue, puffy look, weight gain with increased appetite mostly with stomach pain and diarrhea. At well visit Pedi did not feel celiac since he gained weight and is 9 as symptoms are "new" which is not true we were treating them as milk or lactose intolerence with no change in discomfort. Lactose free 3yrs did complete diary free- 6 months

I am bringing a 2 week food journal with the symptoms and foods eaten for entire day.

We had stool samples done by Pedi 2 weeks ago but do not know the results but they forwarded them to Gi.

I am going in feeling that the weight will be the main topic and Celiac will not be our given reason for the problems. Think the worst......hope for the best. If I don't get an answer I do not know what to do.

Any suggestions on what else to prepare so we can make the most of the visit???

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