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Gluten Free And Corn Free Icing Sugar?

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Has anyone found a gluten-free and Corn Free Icing Sugar? It seems that any I find which are labelled gluten-free use corn starch. :(

It's kind of a "luxury" item, but it would be nice to have icing without needing to powder the sugar myself.



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So, confectioner's sugar has cornstarch added to it? I never looked, but it does make sense that there would need to be something to keep it from clumping together. I don't use any sugar, so I don't concern myself with that.

If you do grind your own, you might have to add something to keep it from compacting together, in which case perhaps tapioca flour, arrowroot starch, or other finely ground starch might work.

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You may have already found what you were searching for, but I thought I would respond anyway, just in case. I am gluten-free and my 14-year old daughter is corn-free and we buy "Powdered Cane Sugar Without Corn: From Miss Roben's" Item #7213 from Allergy Grocery <allergygrocer.com>. It has tapioca starch instead of cornstarch. It isn't as cheap as the cornstarch filled variety, but $4 a bag is worth the price to us when we can afford to place an order. When we are out and I powder my own sugar, it isn't anywhere near the "normal consistency" even trying to add tapioca starch. Hope this helps! :rolleyes:


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