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Getting A Second Opinion, What To Expect....

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I had previously went to MNGastro in Maplewood and the doctor there didn't do any blood test and just recommended and endoscopy. After the endoscopy the doctor said it looked like celiac disease (this was the first I had ever heard of celiac). I got a letter saying that they didn't find any cancer and everything was fine. I still went ahead with the gluten-free diet to see how I would feel and I felt 10x better, but not REALLY having a diagnosis was bothering me. I called down to the Mayo to see if I could see a doctor down there but the woman I talked to said they didn't usually treat you unless you were referred or had a diagnosis of celiac, but if I sent down my glass slide biopsy from the endoscopy she would see if a doctor would take a second look..............so........I got a call last Monday saying that the doctor would be happy to see me this upcoming Monday and they have set up an appointment for blood tests (a bunch she said, and she said she was suprised no one did a blood test before doing the endoscopy), and appointment for meeting with Dr. Murray, an appointment with the dietician and he also was thinking of having me have a bone density test done.

Now I am wondering if he saw something on the biopsies that the other doctor missed or if he is just willing to see me based on my other symptoms?

I am wondering what to expect from him as I am very nervous with doctors as so many of them have already looked at me like I am crazy when I have tried to find a reason for all my GI problems. Does anyone know if Dr. Murray is nice??

Has anyone had a similar experience with having someone take a 2nd look at the biopsy results??

I am just very confused, anxious, nervous and excited right now that any feedback would help

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