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Esther Sparhawk

Frustrated Traveler

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Aack! I'm so aggrivated. I just hate to travel with my daughter, because every single time we travel, she gets glutened!

This time we went to see my brother, who is a minister. He took us to church. I packed my daughter some gluten-free cookies for snack time, and I told the Sunday school teacher, please don't let her use anything but Crayola crayons or Elmer's glue, and don't even let her TOUCH the other kids' cookies at snack time.

When I came to pick up my daughter after Sunday school, she had played with wheat-based real playdough, then the Sunday school teacher had cleaned her up with alcohol wipes! No! No! No! :angry:

On the seven hour drive home from this vacation, Annie cried for forty-five minutes because her tummy hurt, and then once we were home, she had diarrhea and stomach cramps for 24 hours. :(

I hate to live life in a bubble, but how do I master the problems associated with traveling? Everywhere we go, someone glutens my kid inadverdently! :huh:

Now we're preparing for a trip to go see the in-laws. Heavy sigh... I've packed up all the food I think we'll need: gluten-free flours, mixes, sauces, dressings, snacks, cookies, etc... What are some of the useful tips you other moms and dads can give me about traveling gluten-free with kids?

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