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Friendships--sustaining And New

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Over the last 18 months I realize that I have withdrawn from most of my friends. I have been sick and feeling gross and worried about being near a bathroom, and feeling a little crazy. So I am sitting here realizing that is has been a very long time since I had a friend over for a cup of coffee or initiated any one on one social stuff. I am telling myself that this aspect of my life will all come back once I am better (and I am getting there fast). For the first time I am missing people where as when I was still very ill I didn't really care too much.

Any one else experience this and come out the other side?

~Ill for 5 years with progressive symptoms: anxiety, brain fog, joint pain, "D", and the noisiest stomach you've ever heard, and a lovely itchy rash on my buttocks, scalp, and sometimes thighs. ~ Family history of Celiac disease (Uncle, cousins, grandmother) ~ Blood work showed some antibodies but not enough to be dx celiac ~ Dq7 & Dq4. ~ I can't call myself Celiac but I know gluten is bad for my body.

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