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Yet Another Poop Question

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Have any of your little ones ever eaten oranges and had the pieces come out undigested. Not whole slices but little seed shaped juice filled pulp pieces. They almost look like worm segments. I have never seen this before in my dd or kids I babysat when I was younger. It happened again tonight. Any thoughts?

(sorry for continuing the gross threads!) :)


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Positive gluten-free dietary response

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Sometimes this happens when kids don't chew their food enough. However I suppose it could also be a malnutrition problem too. Corn kernals alwys seem to just pass through as do linseeds if they are not ground.

Since going gluten free I have noticed a change in my poop too. I hope someone who actually knows anput this subject answers your post.

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When my son is on a regular diet this happens all the time with the tangerine segments. Even apples, chicken and other foods come out the way he chewed them up.

He does better gluten free but has been having issues with fresh fruit coming out undigested 1-2hrs after he eats them. Hopefully he will do better with that soon.


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Jonathan-10-02-2000, seasonal allergies and Asthma, taking Flovent, Claritin and Nasonex.

Owen-04-29-2005, GERD, 20mgs of Prilosec, 2.5mgs Zyrtec. Negative bloodwork and biopsies but great dietary response.

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