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Woman On The Board, Question?

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So I was diagnosed with Celiac mid Oct. this past year. Been on the diet since.

At the end of Nov. my period was a week late. After just recently breaking up with my boyfriend, worried myself sick that I was pregnant, eventhough the likelihood of that was low, we used a condom. I never kept the greatest track of my period before, but always had an idea of when it should come. I was so worried, I took two home preg. tests, both negative. Four days later, my period still had not showed. I went to my dr. where she gave me a blood preg. test. Negative. Two days later got my period. Ever since, my periods were on schedule again.

But now, my last period was Jan. 28th!!! I'm well over a week past due, and worried now that something is goin on. This time, thank god, theres not even a second guess in my mind that I'm pregnant, no sexual activity since my break up. However this doesn't seem normal. Is it the diet? I got tested at the same time for Celiac for anemia, and my iron levels were normal.

I tried finding posts on here in the archive that related. Unfortunately all I could find were posts talking about the girl's periods being irregular or absent before going gluten-free, not the other way around. So whats going on, now that I'm gluten-free and my periods are all screwy.

Any advice, words of comfort, similar experiences would be much appreciated. thanks.

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If you just went gluten free back in October, it may take a while to become regulatragain. Plus, if you're under any stress, that will cause it to be late as well (I just got mine after being 2 weeks late-and I'm usually regular!).

Good luck-


Eat, drink, and be merry!

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Accidental gluten ingestion is one of the few things that will cause me to be late in my cycle.

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I agree with what the other two have said. Stress, accidental ingestion of gluten, recovery from glutenous diet, they can all affect your cycle. Just a note: don't count on a condom to prevent pregnancy! My third child was conceived while a condom and the Today Sponge were being used!


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With me my period comes also later, when I accidentaly ingested gluten, but it depends on when in the cycle it happens. If it happens in the first view days, then the period mostly is in time. If it's in the last view days, the period comes later. Also stress can cause it to come later. And breaking up with your boyfriend sure was stress, too.

Hugs, Stef


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